5 Ways to Find The Best Stock Picks

5 Ways to Find The Best Stock Picks. There is no doubt that penny stocks are a risky and thinly traded breed of stocks issued by relatively tiny companies. Also, the SEC does not require penny stocks to follow their reporting rules.

This combined with unclear or unverifiable financials can make this stock seem like something to avoid altogether. Penny stocks can be dangerous for investors of all experience levels but especially for amateurs just getting their feet wet. Here are five tips to help find the best penny stock picks.

1. Profit

First off is the company you are interested in investing in experiencing any sizeable profits. Better yet is their profit to debt ration favorable. Youd be hard pressed to find one of these little companies without debt but that doesnt mean you cant be picky.

In this case the least amount of debt with the most profit will be a better investment. Another thing to watch is how progressive the debt payoffs have been. This would be a sign of good or bad financial management.

2. Industry Trends

This is one of those methods that almost all people use anyway. If there is a high demand for oil then people instinctively want to go buy oil stocks. The only problem with this kind of trend analysis is it really isnt forward looking analysis.

This is just waiting and seeing which doesnt get you in on the ground floor of and investment before the public takes notice. Investing ahead of an industry trend is far better. So look for stocks in industries that are the edge of more demand.

3. Personal Interest

Theres a saying that you do well at things you enjoy to do. This makes logical sense and it works with stocks as well. If you invest in something that actually interests you then you will naturally be more studious and make more of an effort to choose the best stocks. It can be very boring researching stocks that dont interest you and you are likely not to be as thorough as you should be.

4. Tenure

How long has the company been in business? This is not to say that investing in newer companies is a bad idea but its more likely to be safer investing in a more established company with some kind of track record.

5. Bad Behavior

Last tip is an obvious one. Stay away from companies whose operations or transactions have been questionable. Even if the bad press is not completely true it will be difficult for a company to recover in the short and maybe even long term.

Scott Johns conducts research and analysis of stock market picks for a penny stock analysis company. To check out penny shares for some of his company’s latest picks.