December 4, 2022

Famous tourist attractions in Indonesia

Famous tourist attractions in Indonesia- The Indonesian archipelago is a collection of islands that hold treasures counted in their diversity of cultures, landscapes and cities. With nearly 13,500 islands beneath it, Indonesia offers adventure for everyone, from exploring ancient temples and climbing active volcanoes to diving in largely unavailable waters.

You can explore the busy streets of Jakarta, or step back in time by visiting the remote villages of Tana Toraja, enjoying the bliss of Bali, or coming face to face with the volatile Anak Krakatau.

Whichever you choose, the experience is sure to be filled with admiration and appreciation for the beauty of a country as rich in history and nature as this one. Find the best places to visit with our list of the top tourist attractions in Indonesia.

1. Famous tourist attractions in Indonesia Bali Beach

Arguably the most popular vacation spot in Indonesia, Bali has a number of cultural and traditional landmarks that make a visit here unforgettable. But, for many, Bali is all about its beautiful beaches. If a beach vacation is what you are looking for, you may want to visit one of Bali’s luxury beach resorts and time off.

Anyone in Bali will have warm sands and blue waters on their mind, and the island doesn’t disappoint. Kuta is the most famous beach, and is great for those who like to mix sun, surfing and socializing. Due to its popularity, you will have no shortage of restaurants and things to do here.

If you’re looking for a place that’s quieter and less crowded, Nusa Dua is still beautiful, but attracts fewer tourists. Sanur is a place to find more culture, as well as exciting water sports.

2. Borobudur

This ancient temple is one of the most famous and culturally important landmarks in Indonesia. Borobudur was built in the 8th century and is built in the form of a traditional Buddhist mandala. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and as one of the largest Buddhist sites in the world.

The great temple was forgotten for centuries, when it was arranged that most of its inhabitants moved to eastern Java due to a volcanic eruption. But it was rediscovered in the 1800’s and, today, is one of the main draws in Java.

Visit at sunrise for the torchlight to climb the temple and for the amazing experience of watching the complex bathed in sunshine. Borobudur is located near Yogyakarta, an old city in Java which is famous for its rich culture and history.

3. Bornean orangutans

No trip to Indonesia is complete without seeing a few orangutans, and Borneo is the perfect place to visit these beautiful and endangered creatures.

Although orangutans still live in the wild, some sanctuaries save and protect orangutans as land developments violate their habitat. Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo, Kalimantan, is home to the world’s largest population of orangutans, as well as other primates, birds and reptiles.

If not in Kalimantan, you can also see orangutans at the Bohorok Orangutan Center in Bukit Lawang, a tourist village in the Sumatran jungle.

4. Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are the main attraction in Lombok, which has grown in popularity with backpackers and tourists alike over the years. These idyllic islands offer beaches that rival the beauty of Bali, as well as opportunities to dive and even snorkel in a turtle sanctuary. If you find other turtle action, you can see the turtle sanctuary where hundreds of these creatures are born every year.

Kayaking is also popular on the Gilis, and if you find a place to reconnect with your mind and body, you’ll find several options for yoga classes. The Gili Islands provide a more relaxed, though still exciting alternative to popular Bali. popular tourist places