Luxurious Trip with Limo or Town Car Service from Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore has a unique way to make the guest feel some luxurious trip. There is a transportation service with a limo or town car if you want to take the prestige. Singapore is a country that has various types of transportation. From MRT to private auto, you can try it there. But not all hotels offer a limo, correct? That is why; you will not refuse it for your posh vacation.

Things to Do in Andaz Singapore

After you come to the hotel and enter your room, there will be many very fabulous things. Warm decorations with a comfortable bed are the most fascinating. Not only that, but some windows connect you to the beautiful landscape of peninsula beach. It is incredible things that make you amazed.

You may want to take a rest for a while after landing. But do not take too much time, because there are many things to do in this place. Andaz Singapore is a hotel that will make you happy with the facilities and services. Here are some facilities that you can use as a guest.

  • Beach Umbrella and Pool Sun Lounger

Drink a cocktail with a partner or family is very exciting. It will be more exciting if you sit on a pool sun lounger outside the room. The beach umbrella will make you feel fresher, even if it is at noon. What is better than having a relaxing time during the vacation with warm bliss in a tropical country like Singapore?

  • Outdoor Pool

Do you like to swim a lot? If you do, you can use the outdoor pool in this hotel. The situation is very good and calm. The water is not so cold that you can enjoy it very much. Swimming is very healthy, especially for someone that is on a trip. It is because a vacation may make you tired. So, you need to recharge your energy with some light sports like swimming. This activity is great for mental health too.

  • Garden

This hotel has some spots of gardens that consist of many plants. It is beautiful and Instagramable. Some people take a wedding ceremony with the garden concept there. Indeed, the atmosphere is very romantic and warm. That is why many people like the garden of this hotel a lot.

  • Children Pool

Singapore is not only a good country for business but also leisure. That is why many tourists from all over the world want to have a staycation in this country. So, in Andaz Hotel, there is also a children’s pool for the guests that bring their kids.

The children will be very happy to play with water in the pool. The depth of the kid’s pool is very low, and many parents will not be a worry about the kids’ safety. They will make the best day in this luxurious hotel.

So, do you want to enjoy limo services and other facilities? If you do, take the offers of Hotel Promotion Singapore that make you pay more affordable especially when you go with your family.