The Unique Educations Points Of Global Sevilla International School Di Jakarta’s Academic

One of the reasons why Global Sevilla become one of the best or unique international school di Jakarta is its thorough education. It indicates that the school does not only focus on the academic outcome but also provides a complete education for K12. But is that all? Inside the thorough education, Global Sevilla also has its points in providing the best curriculum. Here is the hint.

Kindergarten Or Nursery School

Global Sevilla underlines its mission in leading the students to be more than masters of academics. They want the learner to understand how to communicate, respect, has thoughtful thinking, cooperate, adapt, and has positive moral. That is why each different level of study has its learning focuses.

In the youngest class, the school adapts IEYC or international early years curriculum. It is fundamental learning for children. In its function, the curriculum leads students to learn and develop six areas of learning and development. It includes physical, language, knowledge, cognitive, creative, and social. It showcases that students are not only smart but also have positive mindsets.

Primary School Level

At the primary level, Global Sevilla focuses on providing active inquiry-based learning. For such international school di Jakarta, this is an approach that pinpoints students as the center of learning. In other words, they are the active character to find their learning and subject and be more active in the class.

To support the approach, Global Sevilla encourages their learner to visit the library and use international curricula. It is a good exposure to build and develop reading habits. Some other activities also include speaking and listening skills. Meanwhile, the curricula meant for these students are Cambridge primary and International primary curricula.

Secondary School Level (SMP And SMA)

With more challenges, the older students will learn using projects and research-based learning. Students are encouraged to be active individuals, join experiments, and experience a range of hands-on work, experiments, projects, or community services. This is where the students learn further about themselves.

With the help of international standard curricula and test (IGCSE and Cambridge Level A) students has the chance to see their capability. The international school di Jakarta later help their learner to learn better, understand themselves, and be the best person to reach their dream in the future.

As you can see from the article, the school does not only try to provide a good place to learn and reach the best academic achievement. The school implements the best-fitting curricula for each level. It helps students learn further and deeper. At one point it also poses a chance for students to be more than academic excellence. That is why you should check Global Sevilla for the best children’s education.